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PostSubject: Club info   Club info EmptySat Mar 20, 2010 11:10 am

I received a pm asking about our fund raisers and giveaways and since we have seen quite a few new members lately I thought I would spend a minute and give some info..

In the past MRR has done fantastic with its fund raisers. Tico worked very hard to build the yearly trail run for American Diabetes Association and we were all proud of our accomplishments.

The club went thru some growing pains about two years ago and due to nature of the beast the club was not looking good. A few of us took it upon our selves and worked very hard to save the club from disaster. In doing so we actually ended up splitting up as a club and a few great members went their way and we went ours.

Just prior to that split the club tried to create a board of directors consisting of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Man of Arms. This worked for awhile and really helped to get control of the club.

As we grew we realized that what the members were really looking for was just a place to hang out on a forum and wheel with a great group of friends.

Over the past 6 months the board of directors have kind of walked away from the positions and just worked together if there was a need for change or direction.

We did decide to do away with the yearly dues since the economy was so bad and we didnt want to loose members just because they couldnt justify spending the money.

We also kind of changed the name to the Rock Raiders because we are a new club. The name Maryland Rock Raider and the domain name are still paid for so that we can retain that.

We have a few dollars left in the treasury and we plan to use that for the domain name and any fee's we have to pay to retain the name.

In the future we might have to ask for some donations for these charges but we will decide on that when the time comes..

Now........ As for the fund raisers.. We would love to get back into them but we really need a group effort in doing so and that takes alot of dedication. What we have found is that we will get alot of volunteers who speak up on the forum but then when the day comes to actually volunteer we dont see as many faces. That doesnt mean we shouldnt make plans to conduct a fundraiser but we really need to make serious plans and stick to them.

I also work very closely with a few vendors that support our club and usually I get donations that I save and use as giveaways during trail rides.. This past trail ride I had a battery pack donated by a vendor that I brought along and we did a simple drawing out of a hat while sitting in the Comfort Inn drinking a cold beverage.

I was out last night picking up some parts and knowing the manager of the location he called me over to help with a customer question "About a Jeep" since I was in his store.. The gentlemen was having a issue with his Wrangler stalling when on inclines. After a quick discussion about the issues I simply asked if he wheeled with any clubs in the area. He stated he was in the military and just came from down south but in the past he had wheeled with the Maryland Rock Raiders. I smiled and having my daughter Cortney with me who just happened to have a Maryland Rock Raiders shirt on, I asked her to turn around and I showed the gentlemen..
He looked at me funny and then laughed.. I explained to him that I was actually the President and then he looked even funnier.. He had remembered Tico and I explained to him that the club had went through some changes and we are very strong now.
He stated he had just sent a application for enrollment into the forum and was waiting for the approval.. I had to actually apologize because I was the one that had dropped the ball the day before when I saw the enrollment but didnt have a chance to go in a approve it..
His name is Vince and hopefully he will be on the forum very shortly..

As you can see the club benefits from simple conversations with anyone around you and it takes all members to contribute. I find myself talking to anyone with a jeep or suv anyhow so dont hesitate to tell them about the club you belong too..

Alot of clubs out there charge dues and do not have the type of friendship we have here at MRR. I am a member of a few forums and follow the issues at hand.. I can say we went thru our problems but nothing like what's going on around us..

Lets keep this club as friendly as it is and lets make strides to helping those around us.. We can do community volunteering also if thats whats needed.....

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PostSubject: Re: Club info   Club info EmptyThu Mar 25, 2010 10:31 pm

Well put my Liege!!

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PostSubject: Re: Club info   Club info EmptyThu Jun 03, 2010 2:26 am

Matt I remember that guy real nice guy he was. Wanted to really get involved in the club but he was just to far to do anything. Glad he is back. I think the last time I spoke to him was in 2005. He was in the Army as a doctor, a pharmacist if I recall. Great to have him back!

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