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 Hey Stacey................

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Hey Stacey................ Empty
PostSubject: Hey Stacey................   Hey Stacey................ EmptyFri Oct 30, 2009 11:39 pm

Here is what can be done if Jeep keeps telling you they dont hear a problem with your Jeep backing up... Keep in mind this is right up by Rausch........

Police in Luzerne County are trying to figure out if the owner of a van was so burned up about something that he torched his own vehicle right in front of the dealership where he bought it just six months ago.

Police in Plains Township and the borough of Laflin said they have never seen anything like it. Now a man from Scranton is locked up and charged with a bizarre crime spree.

John Walton of Scranton was lying on his back in the back of a police car after refused to stand or leave the car to be arraigned on charges of terroristic threats, reckless endangerment and reckless driving. The police had to take him into a nearby ambulance building and have a district judge arraign him there.

Police said Walton is responsible for a crime spree that ended with his van torched.

"Upon arrival we found a fully-engulfed van. Luckily no one was hurt and it's being investigated right now by our department and the Pennsylvania State Police fire marshal," said Plains Township Lieutenant Joseph Mikelski.

Police said around 10 a.m. Walton took his van to Coccia Ford in Plains Township. An employee got in the passenger seat to check out a transmission problem Walton was complaining of.

According to arrest papers, Walton was driving down Route 315 when the employee told him he didn't hear the problem with the transmission. That's when, he said, Walton became enraged, threatened to kill him and hit speeds of more than a hundred miles an hour.

The employee said when Walton lost control of the van and slowed down to speeds of around 20 miles an hour, the worker opened his door and jumped from the moving van, then walked to call police.

Officers said Walton kept on driving and ended back up at Coccia Ford in Plains where he set his own van on fire.

"We had a few people inside and like I said, thankfully no one was hurt," Mikelski.

Police said Walton had ammunition in his van which went off during the fire. Again, no one was seriously hurt.

Walton is locked up in Luzerne County

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Hey Stacey................ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hey Stacey................   Hey Stacey................ EmptySun Nov 01, 2009 3:12 am

I have come to the conclusion I will drive it until the trans dies, which I hope is soon. Then I will drop a six speed in it. I should have just got one in the first place. After wheeling my dad's the one weekend I now understand why it is better to have one :). The jeep is on it way to the dealer soon for oil change, tire rotation and to find out why it decided to have the traction control light come on and not shift and lock my brakes up. With all the problems I have, I still tell my husband I love my Jeep lol. If it was one of the other cars I would be telling him to take it back to the dealer.
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Hey Stacey................
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